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Friday, May 11, 2012

Still on still life's

So I had this book on "how to paint still life's". My mother said I must first finish this book, before I can get a book on "how to paint landscapes". She knew me so well. So I continued with the still life's. I also tried making it more abstract, as you can see from these two paintings. These two were actually in the book, but mine doesn't look anything like the originals. I discovered something about myself. It is something only my parents and closest family and closest friends know. But we're friends right? So I'm going to tell you. I discovered that (no, it is actually two things) I discovered that I am VERY lazy and VERY impatient.

These are not good characteristics for the normal person, but I am not a normal person, I am an artist, a painter! These two characteristics caused me to develop a certain style of painting, and it actually has a name - impressionism - impressive! I will also tell you what Impressionism mean - it means you are too lazy and impatient to paint something realistic, so you paint so fast and loose that you only make brush marks that give the impression of something. You will probably find better definitions elsewhere! And guess what Renoir was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style. I wonder if Renoir was also lazy and impatient?

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