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Friday, May 18, 2012

The joy of stretched canvas

I still remember this day like it was yesterday. The first day that I painted on stretched canvas. What a joy! I know some people probably prefer canvas panel. That is good, but to me, stretched canvas gives a certain bounce when you paint on it that you do not get from panel. It was another lovely autumn day. I had set up outside on my veranda overlooking my beautiful garden.

I painted the "Volkskombuis" - a restaurant in Stellenbosch. It was from a photo I took when I was there. It was not autumn when I took the picture, but I turned it into an autumn day. It is not a large painting, but I was very pleased with the outcome, especially the sky and trees. That day I have decided to always paint on stretched or boxed canvas whenever I can afford it. Looking back I can see how my style started to develop. I know I am not yet there - I will never be "THERE", but as long as I can improve along the way, I will be happy.

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