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Friday, May 11, 2012

Hooked forever

I was hooked forever. I discovered I was an artist - not the type that wear their pajamas when they go shopping, and never wash their hair. But to my shame I am sometimes very moody and have the blues. Don't we all have our faults? My brother decided in grade 2 he wanted to become an actuary and he did. I became a painter. Only difference is in the amount of money we make. But one day when I reach my Renoir status, I will be the one laughing all the way to the bank.

We went shopping again, my mother and I. The "how to paint"-book said I needed Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue and Sap Green. My mother didn't know one can actually mix those colours from the ones I already had. Neither did I.

For a while I just worked on hard board, but as you can see from the picture of my next still life, I didn't know it has to be primed before you painted on it. So it didn't work so well. I attempted many paintings. Many of them got thrown away, uncompleted. I got discouraged, frustrated, but the artist in me never disappeared.

One of my attempts on hard board.


  1. Primed or not, this is so beautiful. Do you still have this painting?

  2. Hi Madl,
    No, have no idea what happened to it.
    Thanks for the comment.