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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Painting Success

It is now exactly a month after our VERY successful exhibition and we still stand in awe of what the Lord can do if one put your trust in Him. Our success, fortunately, did not end with the closing of the exhibition. In fact that was just the starting point. Since then Simonette and I both sold some more of the paintings that were exhibited and both of us also got quite a few commissions.
We are very grateful for all the good that has come our way this year, and we are looking forward to even greater blessings next year.
At the moment we are still working hard to get all the commissions done, that's why I've been so quiet. That and the fact that I lost my very dearest furry friend Ami.

Here is one of my commissions - my friend's Schnauzer Tiger:

And here is another commission from a friend. Its from a picture of her grandchildren taken at a birthday party. Faces are always difficult but I think I got the likeness.

And here is a commission Simontte finished today.

If you want to commission a painting, done by either Simonette or me, you can just mail me a picture and the size you want it to be, and I will send you a quote and other information. It can be anything, portraits, pets, abstract, landscape, still life, wildlife. Just CLICK HERE to send an e-mail.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Exhibition now ONLINE

The recent Kaleidoscope of Colour Art Exhibition can now be viewed online on my website. View Online Now.

The paintings that have not been sold on the day of the exhibition is still available at SPECIAL exhibition prices. That will be so for a limited time ONLY. So if you want a real bargain, do not wait too long. The paintings are worth much more than they are priced, but we want to help you to get some nice original paintings for Christmas gifts!

Thank you for your support.

And PLEASE tell us what you think of our exhibition!