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Monday, May 14, 2012

Arniston / Waenhuiskrans

There are so many small towns in South Africa with LEKKER names. (I don't know of any word in any other language that means lekker - in English it would be "nice", but "nice" does not quite mean the same). These lekker names, roll from the tongue, it has a certain nostalgy to it, like Waenhuiskrans (also known as Arniston), Paternoster, Napier,Wuppertal, Dwarskersbos and many more. Most of these towns also have a substantial artist community. I don't think there are many South African artists who have not painted the famous fisherman's cottages in Waenhuiskrans. I am sure Renoir would have painted it also had he visited South Africa!
Since Waenhuiskrans is one of my favourite towns, I have attempted to paint these houses many times - not always very successful I might add! My first attempt that I will show you here is still in my mother's house. She likes it, but then again, she is my mother! In my next blog I will show you more Waenhuiskrans attempts. And remember if you ever visit South Africa, you just have to visit this beautiful small town.

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