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Monday, October 21, 2013

Winners of the Raffle and Lucky Draw

The winner of this year's Kaleidoscope of Colour Raffle is Maree Cockroft from Welgelegen, Cape Town. Congratulations to you Maree, hope you find a nice spot for your new painting.
Here is a pic of Maree receiving the painting she won.

The winner of the Lucky Draw is Aldorette McMarnus from Bellville. Aldorette saw the promotional article in the TygerBurger (our local newspaper) and came to view our paintings. She came to pick up her painting this morning. Here she receives her painting from the artist, Simonette van Oudtshoorn on the left.

Exhibition Results

First of all we want to thank God for the most amazing day that you can imagine. We couldn't ask for better weather. The sun was shining, there was no wind and the temperature was just perfect.
We had a constant flow visitors and I could see that everybody enjoyed themselves and they seemed to be quite impressed by our display of art.

A great thank you to each and everyone who came and supported us last Saturday. We enjoyed your company. It was a very uplifting day to me and I trust to everyone.

We had no less than 60 paintings on display of which we sold 23. That is quite amazing because in these difficult financial times, art is one of the luxuries that people like to admire but don't often buy. I believe that our results are due to the fact that we aim to create and offer beautiful art at affordable prices. We also had some mosaic work and pottery at display and those artists also had some sales.

We had some stunning fridge magnets and gift tags with pictures of our paintings on that we gave away. Then we also had birthday calendars that people could order. We will soon make it possible for you to order those online.

Here follow some pics of our exhibition. Enjoy!
Our inviting entrance

Our stoep area where people like to spend some time

These smaller paintings were quite a hit.

Our feature wall with some pottery items in front.

The courtyard area was used to display the mosaic by Dalene Smit.

We had some delicious snacks, wine and iced tea.