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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Second Painting

With still only my first 4 colours available, I started on my second painting. I was very economical while doing this one, I used only 3 colours, yellow, white and black. My mother was not yet convinced that I would become a painter, so she didn't want to buy more colours. She first needed some proof that I was serious. This second painting is hanging in her house and is not available at this stage. I think we'll keep it in the family untill I reach Renoir status. There is not much to say about this painting, I can't remember any specific story, but I did realise later that the 2 birds are perhaps a little bit too large in relation to the boat. Did you notice the year? 1978. The horizon was really skew that year. You are welcome to voice your opinion! Here is my second painting.


  1. Yeah...I remember 1978..the horizon must have been skew because we moved to Cape Town and our parents enlisted us in a school that was 75% English and I could hardly speak a word of it!

    Interesting painting. And you did this with only 3 colours?

  2. From Upington to Cape Town to America!