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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Autumn Again...

It is that time of year again...when the trees turn to golden yellow, and raw sienna, and deep red. That time when the sky looks more blue than usual and there is that something in the air. Here in Cape Town, autumn is the most beautiful time of year. The days are more colourful, it is not cold and also not too warm. Most days there are just a light breeze. Whenever you plan to visit Cape Town, come in the autumn. You will not be sorry!

From childhood I have always loved autumn. That is why I tried this painting. It was also in the book. But even with all the step by step instructions, I couldn't get the trees quite right. But don't forget, I was still in school, if I can use that as an excuse! But trees are difficult. When you are a beginner, you try to paint each and every leaf, instead of masses of colour. My mother liked this painting, it is still hanging in her house, but then again, she likes all my paintings. She has to, she is my mother and she has invested a lot of money into my painting career.

I hope I will one day be able to paint trees like Renoir!
I would like to hear from you.

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