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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paintings of France - latest creation

I am so proud of my latest painting, I just needed to show you. I started it last week in our painting class and I finished it yesterday afternoon. With this painting my aim was to really show late afternoon light and also create a peaceful scene. I hope that you see that. It is no where specific but I guess it can be somewhere in Europe, maybe France. Although it is quite a busy painting with many elements, I think that because of the colour harmony the whole is unified.

It also has a definate eye movement. Your eye is brought into the painting by the cast shadow of the tree to the focus point which is the figure sitting against the tree. It then moves up the tree and to the right to almost autumn leaves. From there it scans the houses and boats and then comes back river bank to the figure. I think it has a strong composition and good light and shadow design.

What is also interesting is that this painting could actually be broken up into various other paintings. It is fairly large, 1.5m x .5m. Here I show you two paintings within this painting - can you see more. What do you think about this painting? Please leave a comment!

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