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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For the love of horses...

I am an animal person. Ever since I can remember we had dogs in the house. The first dog I can remember was Miekie, a Schipperke. Then there were Border Collies, Klonkie, Kaptein and Katinka. My first dog was Prince, a German Shepherd cross. I also had Jessie and then Tessa and now I have a Bearded Collie, Ami, and a Border Collie, Maggie. We also had a cat, Donsie, and although we got her as a male, she had many kittens. We had white mice and budgies then we also had horses. First my brother had a horse and later he sold that horse and got another one. Then when I got older I bought a horse for R100 ($11) and the saddle cost me R500 ($55).
Those were wonderful times when I could get on my bicycle after school and ride to the farm where my horse was walking, ride the horse, then ride the 7km back to our house before dark. Good times, wonderful times, carefree days!
Anyway I bought a couple of books about horses, and I started drawing horses. Last year I, actually for the first time, started doing oil paintings of horses. I will show them all to you, but this one is my favourite. I love this painting, because of the light and dark contrast. This painting is also my largest. It is still available and if you are interested in buying it from me, just say the word and I will give more details. I really hope you also like this wild horse of mine!

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