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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bold Brush Strokes

Sorry, I lost my chronological order! I don't think artists are very organised people. I know I am not! We have gone through most of my earlier works, so from now on I will show you works that have been done in the last few years. Most of them, in the last 2 years.

In between my earlier works and my later works were a period that I really didn't paint much. I started a freelance graphic design business and worked day and night. It was only since last year that I started attending painting classes, that I got more serious about working towards being a full time painter. I am not there yet. I just hope people will start investing in my art before I leave earth for the new Jerusalem!

I want to show you this painting, one of my abstract works. I kind of like it. I certainly enjoyed painting it. I could do anything, I was free, I used bold strokes and I think it was a good exercise in painting in a very loose style. Look at the brush marks on the close-up, it is a composition of its own.

Tell me if you like this painting, and if you do you can visit my website Painted Canvas to download a set of greeting cards for free. This painting is on one of the greeting cards.