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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rose of Sharon

When I was asked if I am willing to do a painting that can be auctioned at a women's day event in August, I immediately thought of flowers. I always think of roses first, since they are my favourite flowers. However the more thought I gave to it, the more I wanted to do a flower that is not only beautiful but also symbolises something deeper.

In the book Song of Songs in the Bible, Solomon talks about the Rose of Sharon. He says: "I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valley." Because that passage actually points to Jesus as the rose of Sharon, for me it symbolises purity and beauty. I therefor decided to do the painting of the rose of Sharon, since it also fits with the woman Solomon describes in Proverbs 31 of noble character and whose worth is far more than that of rubies.

Although there are different opinions as to which flower was described as the rose of Sharon, most wise people say that it is the Hibiscus.

Not only is it a very beautiful flower, but the play of light and shadow makes this a very beautiful painting.

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