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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Success, success, success!!!

That is how we can describe our first self-organised art exhibition, Kaleidoscope of Colour, which took place on Saturday, 27 October. (Artists were Simonette van Oudtshoorn, Marietjie du Toit, Adele van Andel, Christelle Coetzee and Anton Betz.) It exceeded our wildest dreams and expectations. God blessed us with the most amazing day. There were a constant flow of people from 9am till after 6pm. Everybody enjoyed the snacks and wine, but most of all they enjoyed our very professional display of high quality art.

People walked up and down, taking pictures, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere, breathing in the beauty of the venue itself and the stunning paintings from all the artists. It was just awesome to see how everyone enjoyed the day. We received numerous compliments and positive feedback. Everybody just wants to know when our next exhibition is going to be.

Above all else we were also blessed in that we sold 23 out of the 55 paintings that were exhibited on the day. We also received a few commissions for paintings.

We give God the glory for all the amazing miracles He performed on Saturday.

I believe that even greater things will flow out of this very successful exhibition. We will always aim to provide better and better quality art at the most affordable prices at our next exhibitions.

If you missed out and couldn't be there on Saturday, the whole exhibition can be viewed on my website from Friday  2 November. Paintings that were not sold, will still be available online at exhibition prices, but only until the end of December.

We were so extremely busy the whole day that I didn't have time to take lots of pictures, but here follows a few:

First it took lots of hard work to prepare the venue and to hang all the paintings. Here my friend Nico were helping us.

 Simonette busy organizing on her Blackberry. Everything still standing around.

Anton Betz on the day of the exhibition

Simonette with her stunning African Celebration, or as we sometimes call them, the dancing queens!

Afterwards we celebrated with champagne and a braai

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