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Friday, October 5, 2012

Painting to be Won

Kaleidoscope of Colour Art Exhibition


This is the painting that can be won on the day of the exhibition. The raffle is open to all South Africans - you do NOT need to be in Cape Town and you do NOT need to come to the exhibition. You only need to buy a ticket of R50 and your name will be entered. If you are not in Cape Town and you want to enter, please e-mail me and I will send you the necessary details for entering.

The painting is named Sunset Beach; it is done in oil on boxed canvas and the size is 750 x 500mm. It is an original MS du Toit painting and it would normally sell for about R1700. So it is a very good investment if you can win this painting and you only paid R50 which is the price of two lattes! What do you have to loose? Unfortunately if you are not in Cape Town, and you win the painting you will also be liable for the postage. But it would still be a good investment. So please send those e-mails and buy your tickets!

To send an e-mail just click on: Raffle Ticket

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