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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SPI National Portrait Award Results

Last Friday evening I opened my emails to discover that the results of the SPI National Portrait Award were send to me.

I scanned through the 40 names of the people whose paintings were chosen for exhibition, but I didn't see my name. Then I read it through word for word, because maybe I missed my name - no luck! Just to make sure, I went through the names two more times, still no luck!

Then I had to talk to myself. I told myself, just remember you were one of over 1200 people who entered. And remember some of those people are already well established artists. And remember, you were probably no 41. And on and on I went.

Yes I was very disappointed, but I know my day will come. The winner of the R100 000 will be announced tonight. Obviously I will not be there, which is a good thing, my clothes are not fitting well after this cold winter!

Tomorrow I will visit Rust-en-Vrede Gallery to have a look at the 40 chosen ones.

I am posting my three paintings here. I would love your comments. Remember I did the last painting because I know many times the judges like to choose some weird stuff.

My first painting is of Susan, the woman who cleans my house every week. The second is of a fisherman in Velddrift. It is from a photo my sister took of him when we were on holiday there.

I am planning to give these paintings to Susan and the fisherman. I will tell you one thing, I cannot wait to see the man's smile when he receives the painting. That will be a greater reward than the R100 000 (although that would have come in very handy!). But to bring happiness to someone's heart brings in much better blessings at the end.

That can only happen in October, when I can collect my paintings from the gallery. I will do another post about that later.

Remember, although I am not winner of the competition, I can still do portrait on commission, and now luckily for you I am not going to increase my prices! So if you want to commission a portrait please visit my website:
Painted Canvas.

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