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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oil Painting Website Update

Buy my Paintings - made easy!

The last few days I have been working very hard to update my official website: Painted Canvas.
You are now able to buy my available oil painting through the secure PayPal system by simply clicking on the "Buy Now" buttons. That will take you to the PayPal site where you just have to follow the instructions. Once you have made the purchase I will be notified and I will immediately take the painting you paid for to be packaged and send to you.

Painting of the Month

My updated website also now offers a special discounted price on a "Painting of the Month". There will be a different painting every month. On this page I also give a short discussion about the painting.

Lttle Gems

From now on I will also offer you some smaller and more affordable painting, I call "Little Gems". These paintings will not cost you more than $100 per painting. This is a great place to start investing in my paintings. At the moment there are only two, but believe me that number will quickly grow. Make sure to visit the website often.

Learn how to paint!

So you yourself want to start painting, or you are are already painting, but you want to get better at that - visit the "Links" page and follow the links to some Master Classes in oil painting.

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