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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We have a date!!! - 27 Oct

My house is full of canvasses. Some are finished, some unfinished and now I have just bought 20 more. Like I mentioned last time, Simonette and I are preparing for our exhibition. And we have now decided on a date - 27 October 2012. So if you are anywhere near Bellville, Cape Town, on that day - don't miss it! There will be something for everyone, from abstract, impressionistic, realistic and so on. We have also asked 3 other artists to join us. All the work will be made very affordable for anyone. As I said everything is fresh from the easel, you will not see work that have been posted here or on the web, or that have been at previous exhibitions. Everything is new and remember the latest work is normally also the best work to date.

There will be a painting to be won on the day. Tickets will be available at R50 each and you will stand a chance to win a painting by myself worth R2500. Attendants will also stand a chance to draw discount vouchers of up to 20% on any painting

Let me just mention that this exhibition is not a sale of stuff we cannot get rid of. We want to make it possible for any person to own original oil and acrylic paintings.

I will keep you posted, for now, we are just working (painting) very hard.

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