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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Atmosphere in Paintings

It is difficult, maybe impossible, to say what the most important aspect of a painting is. What is it that makes a good painting?
Here is a list of some of the most important aspects:
  1. The Notan or abstract design
  2. The composition
  3. The drawing
  4. The colour harmony
  5. The brush work
  6. Atmosphere

A painting with excellent brush work but lack of good composition will not be appealing, a painting with good colour harmony but poor drawing, will once again not be appealing. A painting should really have to have all the aspects working together to really be a good painting. One of the most difficult things is to create atmosphere. Personally I think it helps to leave out some detail; to leave it to the viewer's own imagination to fill in the gaps. It is good to have some dark areas in a painting, where the viewer has to decide what is happening there. Atmosphere can also be created with certain lighting conditions like early morning fog in a landscape, the yellow-orange light in the late afternoon.

I still have to learn so much, but I think that with this painting I have managed to create atmosphere. You can be the judge. I would like to here from you!

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